Curved Stairlifts

Whether your stairs are narrow, have multiple landings, an unusual design or limited space at the top or bottom, we have the perfect solution. Our curved stairlifts can be custom-made to fit virtually any staircase shape.

Following an on-site survey, we design the track to accommodate the staircase and any turns/corners whilst maximising the clear space on the stairs.

With a curved stair lift, we have the ability to fit with ease a stair lift onto even the most challenging of staircase shapes.

Our curved stairlifts are covered by the housing adaptation grant, and VAT is reclaimable on all stairlifts & bathrooms.

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As an essential service provider, our stairlift and bathrooms services are open for business and are installing & repairing stairlifts, together with making homes safer by carrying out minor alterations, in limited situations, throughout the Mid-West.  

We would like to assure our customers that we are doing everything we possibly can to protect the health and safety of our customers and staff during this challenging time.  All staff members have completed the Construction Industry's C-19 Induction Course.  Some have upskilled and received QQI Infection Prevention & Control Certification to ensure your safety.  

We are taking extra measures when visiting homes and our employees have been provided with hand sanitiser, disposable gloves and face masks. They are also washing their hands on a regular basis and sanitising the work areas before and after the stairlift installation, servicing or repair.  All staff carrying out home visits are well with no symptoms.

If you have concerns about any aspect of safety, please do not hesitate our Medical Technician directly on 087 2956762.